1:1 Coaching & Consultations


I help individuals in transitional phases navigate the possibilities of "what's next" in finding joy through purpose. Clients can choose to work with me one-on-one or in conjunction with any of the steps mentioned above!

Services offered in this arena include: 

-Finding alignment so your hobbies can become your career

-Transforming "ideas" into a marketable business

-Content Creation (Video & Social)

-Connecting you with resources 

-Holding you accountable to the vision

-Maintaining smiles (and perspective) 


This process involves a detailed analysis of your past experiences, where you currently stand, as well as where you'd like to go.   I then take a look at all the information gathered and work with you in mapping out steps to get you there!  Working in this intimate capacity allows a direct hands-on approach in creating a purposed strategy for your life and your business moving forward. 


Having a diverse background in media and marketing (spanning over decade), I help clients craft their vision and share their stories.   As a creative and storyteller (video host, producer, designer, blogger, and podcaster) I also offer a unique professional perspective at the intersection of digital media and marketing strategy. 

Services offered in this arena include:

-Crafting your brand story

-Ideating creative brand messaging based on your client-base

-Brainstorming content (in all forms)

-Developing video content: strategy, and execution

-Aligning content, business offerings, and use of your unique talents

-Keeping you grounded in JOY

I love the creative  collaboration.  Finding new ways share the businesses of clients, and highlighting the purposes that they serve in the world is one of MY greatest joys in the work I do!  So if you're ready to get started crafting your vision, click below to schedule a call!