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Hi, I'm Erica

And I'm Your Personal JOY Jockey!

Life's transitional phases can be outright WEIRD: leaving high school, graduating college to enter the workforce, shifting into parenthood, and easing into retirement.  With each of these moments there's a question of "what's next?"  The simple answer is: whatever YOU want!

My mission is to transform the world (and future generations) through RADICAL JOY.  Creating a world where everyone is able to access joy through purpose, open conversation, and healing experiences.  The hope is that this will create true healing and real change – for this generation, and generations to come. 


There’s no such thing as coincidence.

We’ve connected for a reason.  I'm guessing it’s because, like me, you desire to live a live that inspires and invigorates you – not drain you.  You hope to look back on a life of smiles and laughter, with a feeling of freedom.


But more importantly, you want to know (and feel) like your life means something.  And you want to create  a bunch of awesome meaningful memories with those you care about most. 

I work with people in transitional phases because it’s an experience that I know all too well.  Trying to figure out “what’s next,” while keeping a smile on your face and your spirit up – but inside you feel depressed and don’t know how to prepare for the major changes around the corner. I know what it’s like to feel stuck and hopeless — trying to live up to the expectations of society, the cultural traditions, or norms that others have set up for you. 


Trying to live for others is the quickest road to depression and self-destruction. It's a battle you'll never win.  So seek YOUR JOY & ground in your purpose.

If Purpose is the Lock, JOY is the Key

I know what it’s like to be doing “a lot of things,” (that are celebrated by others around you) but still feeling empty and like you’re doing a lot of nothing.  Trust me, I get it.  As a multi-passionate creative I was simultaneously running:

But even with all this, I felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied.  Why? Because I was chasing many passions, but I wasn't grounded and aligned in an understanding of my purpose. 

This is what happens when you don’t have clarity about where you’re going, or the sense of direction that inevitably comes with a purpose-filled life.  Living a purpose-filled  life isn't solely about living passionately – but living according to what you were created to do.

OVER IT _ I'm legit soooooo over my hair
People often comment on my “amazing energy,” uplifting spirit, and ability to find the “sunny side of every situation.”  While this may be the case now, my ability to find joy and peace (even in the hard times)  is a result of finding my way through many tough “transitional phases” of my own. 

Your Pain Can Ignite Your Purpose

Of the many transitions I’ve experienced in my life, three in particular caused me to go on a soul search that shifted the trajectory of my life and put me on the path of discovering my true purpose:

  1. When I graduated from college in 2009 (smack dab in the middle of a recession) and I couldn’t find a job

  2. When I found out that I was pregnant with our daughter 

  3. Again, when I found out that I was pregnant again (just 16-months later) with our son 

In each of these instances I cried for days.  Not completely understanding why.  Well after doing a lot of internal work and soul searching I came to realize that it wasn't: because I didn’t want to be a mother, or because I never felt like I would get a job – but because I felt “stuck” in my own life.  I couldn’t see past the moment I was in, beyond the circumstances outside of my control, and I didn’t know what was next. 

The Shift - POWER In Purpose

With each of the transitional phases I thought I'd have to put the best parts of myself up on a shelf, and my dreams on hold in order to do life "right." But who decided what's right anyway?  YOU Do!  So I decided to lean into my JOY and pursing a life that felt good - my way!  Once I got super clear about this, the shackles I felt in life AND motherhood fell off.  I felt freer than ever.  I became a better mother, a better partner to my husband, and a better person overall.   


I was able to realize how motherhood not only gave me the blessing of guiding two beautiful tiny souls in this world, but it also helped me birth my true purpose.  Now almost 5 years later in my role as an Alignment Strategist (and multi-passionate creative):

I'm able to mom my way (#SAHMLife)

Have 2 AWESOME kids , a wonderful husband, and a home full of laughter and smiles all the time

Now I'm also able to live FULLY in ALL of my gifts and experiences.


Can We Say #Winning?

Now, I Want To Help You…


Today, I help other individuals in transitional phases (of life, schooling, and their careers) ride the wave to "what's next," doing less of what they "have to do" and more of what they WANT to do.  With this they are able to tap into the powers of  THEIR calling and live in JOY.  I call the process a #JOYrneyToPurpose.  My hope is that you’ll join me (and the Live Rich Movement) as we ride the highs (and even not-so-high) moments of this beautiful adventure we call life with joy in our hearts!


The next phase of your life is a blank palette  waiting to become a masterpiece; so break out your best art supplies, lean into what feels good and let’s get creative!

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