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Live Rich Doing What Makes You  Happy...

I'm a Mom-of-two, and a wife to my amazing partner of 13 years-- but at my core I'm a pusher... a visionary pusher!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing people living boldly in their dreams, encouraging those living in skepticism and fear to pursue their passions, and seeing others be inspired to do the same.

People intrigue me.  Different backgrounds, different stories, and the idea that even two people growing up in the same home (under the same circumstances) can have two completely different experiences.  Life is exciting because humans will never be boring! This is why it's important that we share our stories in authentic truth.  Life doesn't look like instagram.  In a society that's tricking us into the illusion of social media perfection as "real" everyday life-- sharing our stories authentically is the disrupter.  It's how we preserve humanity and do the real work-- it's how we foster conversation, how we heal, how we cross generational divides, understand neighboring communities, and better learn ourselves... ultimately creating a world where everyone can access their best lives (without judgement).  In doing this we can create a world where others can access happiness living RICH in purpose, passion, and possibilities.



As a lover of fashion and a self-taught jewelry designer (starting at the age of 12), I've always had a love for the arts. Though I knew my passion to be in the creative arts, I left my hometown of Baltimore, MD to study International Business and Spanish at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

In 2009 after graduating during the recession, unable to find a job and not knowing what to do next, I revisited some of my former hobbies.  I took to creating art and exploring self-expression in all forms: singing, song writing, photography, and even designing jewelry again.  It wasn't until 2010 I began to really find my calling as an artist.  I took my [accidental] hobby of making jewelry and decided to turn it into a business.  Later that same year, I attended an event that put me on the path of becoming a freelance journalist working with Ebony Magazine and covering the NYFW Fall/Winter 2010 Collections.


In the years since, I've chosen to follow my heart and pursue a life-long dream of a career in broadcast media. With a love for conversation as my guide, I began creating original content for my own web channel QuÉricaTV in 2013.  This instinct brought me an opportunity to create video content for Juicy Magazine, and less than a year later landed me a partnership and show with the growing online network Black & Sexy TV.  

In the years since then, a lot has changed as I've taken on the role of mom and wife.  Being a mother of two to our son Jaiyce (8 months) and Arria (2.5 years)-- alongside my amazingly supportive husband, Nick-- inspired me to start my blog Live Rich Mommy.com in 2017.  Fast forward to 2019, I've started a podcast and established an online community called LRM (Live Rich Movement), to encourage creatives (especially those who are parents) to pursue a RI¢H life of purpose, faith, and passion.