Erica has a special ability to create enthusiasm to create the life you strive for.  I just want to tell you how much I’ve gotten out of your fb webinars. You’re the best! Seriously...You’re very talented in what you do.  I’ve narrowed down two areas to pursue, and it is largely due to your guidance. "


I truly enjoyed working with Erica. This program was truly eye opening for me. It brought back some things from childhood that were a bit to work through. Participating in this program has also helped me to start doing the work daily to achieve my goals. This program was created at the right time and I’m so thankful to God for all that I’ve learned through this process.


Daylene, Lipstick And Dreams

Erica is an awesome visionary with a penchant for realistic and profitable ideas. Her vibrant energy is contagious and will completely rub off on you! Hearing the excitement in her voice while she talked through her ideas for my business, totally got me energized and ready to take off. She will definitely be one of the first people I reach out to when I am in need of new and fresh ideas for my businesses.

Nicole, Baby K'tan

Erica was stellar to work with each and every time we put a campaign together. She created amazing content, imagery and videos that were authentic to the story we were telling while also staying true to her personal brand. She works hard, produces quality work, and is a collaborator in every sense of the word. As someone who was working on the brand side of the campaign, it was a pleasure to work with Erica from beginning to end.

Aysun, Aysun Malta Salon

I really like the way the worksheets are set-up and broken down in this program. It's makes the process of "how to find your vision or purpose" so much easier and less overwhelming to think about. It also allows to keep everything digital OR print out if you prefer that.


Erica is very good about reaching out and keeping in touch throughout the whole process to keep you accountable. Highly recommend!

Erica was a fantastic partner and one woman band producing and hosting the successful and fun lifestyle show on our network, “The Underground.” Her work ethic was amazing, including the level of consistency and quality she displayed delivering two seasons of the series. I would not hesitate to work with her again.


I am so in love with my waist beads. I initially contacted Erica to make custom waist beads because I thought they looked pretty but I have found that everything from designing them with Erica to wearing them each day has enabled me to reconnect with my body in such a powerful way. It’s an intentional connection!

Erica and I literally had design calls where we looked up the meaning of beads colors and tied it back to the things I wanted to manifest. I struggled a little with final choices but Erica remained professional throughout the process. I love that she showed a sample mockup so I was able to confirm the design before the whole piece came together. Did I mention that ordered 3?! Lol. I highly recommend customer waist beads from QuÉrica Jewelry, you won’t be disappointed!