Speaker & Host

JOYrney™ To better: connection, communication, and collaboration

...ONE feel-good thing at a time!

As a JOY Strategist & Consultant Erica Lasan helps transform individuals and organizations with intention, action, and inspired energy.  Through her JOYrney™  workshops, presentations, and corporate trainings Erica teaches participants how to leverage their gifts, build community, and harness the power of their purpose – all while amplifying JOY across their lives, relationships, and in their personal and professional environments!

A JOYrney™ Workshop can help your team/organization:


✅ Reduce burnout, stress, and overwhelm
✅ Clarify long-term personal/professional goals
✅ Align corporate vision with personal fulfillment and satisfaction
✅ Cultivate innovation and trust
✅ Develop effective communication and encouraged collaboration (within teams and between management)
✅ Plant seeds of leadership, growth, and professional advancement
✅ Improve work-life balance
✅ Increase profits and revenue through inspired (purpose-led) productivity


...ONE feel-good thing at a time!

Talk Topics & Workshops:

Visualize JOY!


Visualize JOY! is an exercise in creating intentional action + aligned momentum towards personal and professional goals. 


This workshop is fun for all ages and highlights the importance of prioritizing accountability and well-being in the goal-setting process!

Own The "Mess" & Create Success w/ Your Brand

For creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses looking alleviate stress in the content and marketing process  this workshop is for you! 


In this presentation Erica will share her W.E.A.V.E. JOY!™ method to guide you in creating quick content that connects – converting your current audience from content consumers to a community of paying clients!

JOYrney ™To Work:  Bringing JOY To The Workplace


Navigating Work In A Post-Pandemic World is not easy, especially when your team is Burned out, Disconnected, and  full of disengaged employees.  


This workshop has been developed to help organizations JOYrney™ To better: connection, communication, and collaboration... ONE feel-good thing at a time!



The Shift Is Real: 5 Lessons Motherhood Taught Me About Self-love, Entrepreneurship, & Being A Better Leader

"Erica was truly a joy to have as an expert speaker at The Thriving Mom Summit. She shared such thoughtful advice and actionable tips to encourage and inspire fellow moms. She is such a bright light and makes you feel appreciated and valued when working together and beyond. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with her and highly recommend others learn from her, take part in her programs, and collaborate with her. I'm looking forward to continued collaborations in the future."

– KERRI, Founder of The Thriving Mom Summit