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It all started with a vision

I graduated during a recession.  I was an unemployed college graduate with tons of student loan debt, with big dreams, and a desire to make a difference.  No one was hiring, and they certainly weren't paying big bucks.  So when I realized that no one was willing to take a chance on me, I figured I'd get comfortable with being uncomfortable, try some new things, use my gifts/talents, and have some fun!  


I've always studied what makes "successful people successful," and I always wanted to be an on-air host.  So one day (with no experience) I picked up a camera and started interviewing complete strangers on the streets of New York City.  Little did I know just how much this seemingly "random" part of my JOYrney  (during an "unsuccessful" season of my life) would be a catalyst for discovering my purpose. 


I spent the next 6 years learning new ways to harness my gifts and manifest my creative vision – creating content, and conducting countless interviews (with celebrities and everyday people alike).  I was receiving self-prompted on-the-job training in my purpose: fostering relationships, actively listening to the dreams and desires of people and the struggles they were encountering, and then coming up with on-the-spot solutions to shift them into action.  Eventually my hustle was noticed, and it led to opportunities to work with EBONY Magazine, Juicy Magazine, Black & Sexy TV, MOM.com, and a number of brands. 


Then  2016 I learned that I was pregnant with my first child.  Suddenly I was thrown from the career of my dreams, into the world of full-time stay-at-home parenthood.


By 2018 I was burnt out, broke down, and a mom-of-two. This became a year of surrender, and the true start of my JOYrney to Purpose.  I committed to pursuing only the things that brought me JOY, and once again, my life was transformed


I no longer felt constantly drained, my family relationships improved, and I woke up each day energized and inspired to take on new projects.  People began to ask how I managed to work from home, while remaining positive in my motherhood journey.  So in 2019 I developed a the first JOYrney To Purpose™  workshop – and the rest, as they say – is history!

Now as a JOY Strategist,  Creative Consultant, and Speaker, I help individuals and organizations align  JOY-led vision with intention and action!  Through my workshops and presentations I teach attendees how to leverage their gifts, build community , and harness the power of their purpose – all while amplifying JOY across their lives, their relationships, and in their environments.

...ONE feel-good thing at a time!

Book Erica: Speaker/Hosting

Book Erica: Speaker/Hosting


"Erica was truly a joy to have as an expert speaker at The Thriving Mom Summit. She shared such thoughtful advice and actionable tips to encourage and inspire fellow moms. She is such a bright light and makes you feel appreciated and valued when working together and beyond. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with her and highly recommend others learn from her, take part in her programs, and collaborate with her. I'm looking forward to continued collaborations in the future."

– KERRI, Founder of The Thriving Mom Summit

"Erica was the kick-off speaker for our festival. She had amazing energy and was an excellent choice to start the festival. She truly knows how to connect with women and relate to them in a special way. She is a gifted speaker and teacher and I highly recommend her for any speaking engagements."

– KIMBERLY, Founder of J.O.Y. Lifestyle Festival

"Erica has a special ability to create enthusiasm to create the life you strive for.  I just want to tell you how much I’ve gotten out of your fb webinars. You’re the best! Seriously...You’re very talented in what you do.  I’ve narrowed down two areas to pursue, and it is largely due to your guidance. "

— ANN, Massage Therapist

Talk Topics & Workshops:

Motherhood & Mom-ing Your Business

The Juggle is Real: Navigating Work-Life Balance In A Post-Pandemic Parenting World

JOYrney To D.R.E.A.M.

Rediscovering Your dreams with JOY!

Owning The "Mess" & Creating Success w/ Your Brand

W.E.A.V.E. JOY!™ - Creating Quick Content That Connects & Converts


The Shift Is Real: 5 Lessons Motherhood Taught Me About Self-love, Entrepreneurship, & Being A Better Leader

Vision Boards

Visualize JOY!  An exercise in curating and executing accountability and wellness to activate the life of your D.R.E.A.M.s


The JOYrney Team is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to spread the message of RADICAL JOY to corporations, educational institutions through our programs, talks, and interactive workshops.  Interested in booking Erica to speak at your next event?  Please complete the inquiry form and send me a message. We would love to connect and hear more about your event and the audience you're looking to engage with JOY! 


"Just watched your amazing session – and did a 180… I was doom and gloom a wee bit…. but [now] feeling totally inspired!  Powerful Session. "

–MICHELLE , Audience Member

Mother Honestly Journey Ahead Summit 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass with Erica Lasan - her energy is infectious and I wish I could have signed up right then and there for the Dream Academy - I just luv that name, by the way! I know the Dream Academy is something I will definitely want to enroll in from what I learned in the Masterclass. Thank you for creating something so important for the world, and so required! We all could use a joy strategist - to make the world a kinder place to be."

— Antoinette, JOYrney To D.R.E.A.M. Masterclass Attendee

"My favorite part was the chat between everyone.  It was so fun! It made my introverted self come out of my shell, dance, share things that were near and dear to my heart and just enjoy a Saturday night with friends."

— Virtual Fiesta Participant

"My favorite part of the night  was interacting with everyone, people I don't know and just having fun- coming out of my shell. Because I am a format person, I eat, breath and sleep format but I like that there isn't one. I doesn't make me feel uptight. I feel like I am included and having fun.  


Thank you Erica for such a wonderful idea, it gets me out of my routine and allows me to move, laugh and enjoy myself. It gave me energy and life."

— Virtual Fiesta Participant