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At JOYrney To Purpose®, we believe in the power of rest and wellness, and the importance of fun and creativity in the workplace. 


It's not only about getting the job done, it's about creating a thriving workplace where individuals can flourish and succeed in synergy with the company mission.


Of employees don't feel engaged at work – and 44% feel stress on a daily basis.


Workplace stress leads to an increase of almost 50% in voluntary turnover

$1.8 Trillion

The amount that lost productivity costs U.S. businesses every year


Of employees won’t receive training and will leave their positions within one year.


Companies with comprehensive training programs yield 24% higher profit margins.

Stop Bleeding Money and Talent.

Our programs are perfect for organizations seeking to:

  • Inspire employee engagement and well-being

  • Minimize costs associated with employee turnover

  • Ideate, implement, and execute customized solutions that promote a productive work culture

  • Attract (and retain!) qualified employees

  • Champion DEI and foster a collaborative work culture

  • Clarify, reinforce, and align the corporate vision among their staff

  • Develop leaders that drive revenue and growth

  • Engage a solution-oriented partner to support HR in keeping up with the rapidly evolving workforce


From Turnover to #DREAMTEAM Makeover:
Create a work culture where your employees are engaged at their fullest potential.

Transform your team experience.  Inspire connection, collaboration, and better communication ...with JOY!

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Discover the Connection Between Fun & Productivity

Our programs prioritize employee retention through personalized comprehensive wellness.  By focusing on DEI initiatives, team building, and self-awareness activities, our strategies are designed help your HR department foster a welcoming and inclusive work environment, so your employees can thrive professionally and personally.  

Here's how you can get started...





“It was really impactful to see.  It brought together a group of young professionals that started at my company to really show them the power that they have within themselves, their ability to be inspired, the ability to affirm what they want, and self-reflect.  Today’s workshop was AMAZING! "

–NANCY, HR Practitioner

Take the Quiz and Find Your Path

Curious about  how a JOYrney To Purpose® can serve your organization's unique needs? Take a 2-minute quiz and learn how our services can support your team!

Take your staff from disengaged, overwhelmed, and burned-out employees – to inspired, collaborative self-starters that are excited to lead growth and create long-lasting impact. 

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