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Navigating The Challenges of A Post-Pandemic Work Culture Is No Joke.

Lead change and embrace "what's next" for your team ...with JOY! 

From rampant burnout, hybrid work, and navigating the demands of a multi-generational workforce – JOYrney To Purpose™ delivers practical solutions for some of the biggest struggles facing today's modern institutions.

As a JOY Strategist & Consultant, Erica Lasan makes the process of empowering individuals (and building teams) fulfilling, inspiring, and FUN!  Through her proprietary method and 3-Step system (The JOYrney™ process"), Erica takes participants on an adventure to Rediscover, Reconnect, and Recommit to purpose-led VISION with JOY


Our unique experiences use creativity, play, and conversation to provide valuable insights for your HR and leadership team.  Each JOYrney To Purpose™ program/workshop is intentionally designed to provide feedback, accountability, and a clear plan to maximize employee engagement within your evolving workplace.  With this, you can foster better connection and communication within your team – creating aligned clarity, purpose, and excitement for the changes (and challenges) ahead


...ONE feel-good thing at a time!

A JOYrney™ Workshop can help your organization:


✅ Reduce burnout, stress, and overwhelm
✅ Clarify long-term personal/professional goals
✅ Align corporate vision with personal fulfillment and satisfaction
✅ Cultivate innovation and trust
✅ Develop effective inter-generational communication and collaboration
✅ Plant seeds of leadership, growth, and professional advancement
✅ Improve work-life balance
✅ Increase profits and revenue through inspired (purpose-led) productivity

Talk Topics & Workshops:

Visualize JOY!


Visualize JOY! is an exercise in creating intentional action + aligned momentum towards personal and professional goals. 


This workshop is fun for all ages and highlights the importance of prioritizing accountability and well-being in the goal-setting process!

Owning The "Mess" & Creating Content Success 

For creatives, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking alleviate stress in the content and marketing process  this workshop is for you! 


In this presentation Erica will share her W.E.A.V.E. JOY!™ method to guide newbies in creating quick content that connects – converting an audience of content consumers to a community of paying clients!

JOYrney ™To Work:  Bringing JOY To The Workplace


Navigating Work In A Post-Pandemic World is not easy, especially when your team is burned out, disconnected, and  full of disengaged employees.  


This workshop has been developed to help organizations JOYrney™ To better: connection, communication, and collaboration... ONE feel-good thing at a time!



The Shift Is Real: 5 Lessons Motherhood Taught Me About Self-love, Entrepreneurship, & Being A Better Leader

"Erica is JOY! Hearing her inspirational stories, tips and advice makes the lightbulbs go off! She is an inspirational teacher.

Erica was a JOY (see what I did there), to have at NJBIA’s Women’s Business Leaders Forum moderating one of our panels as an expert speaker on “Recognizing & Navigating a Toxic Workplace.” I look forward to continuing my friendship and working relationship with Erica!

Also, if you have not already heard Erica’s JOYrney to JOY, you must! And make sure you find out about your JOYGem!."

– DANIELLE W., Event Coordinator, New Jersey Business Industry Association (NJBIA)