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As a multi-passionate creative, a lot of my joy is fostered through creativity.   So I get to work for fun (in a lot of different ways)!  

I've spent the past decade creating fun and engaging digital content.  What started as a hobby has blossomed into a career where I get to: engage with my passion for art/design, utilize my talents to beautify the world, and help others live in their joy through purpose so they can share their gifts too!  


Motivational Speaking

I'm a Visionary-Pusher.  I just want to make the world a beautifully inspiring place-- and that begins with encouraging others to speak their truth, share their stories, and answer the call to use their talents to move in their God-given purpose. 

Do you (or someone you know) need a visionary push, or kick in the pants?  Want to get a room full of your friends , young adults, or children excited about all the possibilites their gifts have to offer? 


Hire me to speak at your next engagement!



Merchandise and Podcast

Over the past 20 years, the pursuit of my many creative interests and the relationships gained have lead to the development of my lifestyle brand (and corresponding online community) Live Rich Movement (LRM)


The podcast (sharing the same name) launched in August 2019, and is grounded in encouraging us to live creatively fulfilled lives-- RICH in purpose, faith, and passion!

Sharing the stories and experiences of myself (and my podcast guests), LRMs aim is to help us push through barriers of fear, doubt, and the complexities of “the what ifs” that often discourages us from living purposefully and in-line with our true calling.



After discovering that I was pregnant with our second child, I took to the internet to document the second round of my motherhood journey.  This eventually led to the creation of my blog Live Rich Mommy-- a platform intended to celebrate and encourage parents (predominantly moms) to live a life of creative and impassioned purpose RICH in Faith. 

MOM-ING MY BUSINESS _ I'm gonna be real


On-Air Hosting and Video Production

Growing up watching shows like BET's 106 & Park, I always wanted to be a VJ, but I didn't know when, how, or when to start.  So in 2011 I just did it.  I picked up a camera, a microphone, and took to the streets of New York to speak with some strangers.  I haven't looked back since!


Eight years later, I'm still pursing my passion of on-air hosting, speaking with strangers/artists, and producing engaging video content for [myself and] big-box brands and digital networks!


Design & Make Jewelry

Jewelry design was an accidental hobby that I started at age 12 and have been able to turn into a business.  Nineteen years later, I'm still transforming assorted materials, colors, and textures into wearable art.

The first collection, Rox & Chains 1.0 launched in 2012. My newest collection, Owo Atijo (Old Money) is a nod to my Nigerian heritage and launched on 11/11/18.


My JOYrney to Purpose...

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