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Felt Less Overwhelmed, Reconnected with your dreams, and If You Had The Confidence (And A Blueprint) To Pursue A Life That You Love ?

Learn how to rediscover your JOY in this season, so you can D.R.E.A.M. again!  

Are you overwhelmed with  life right now?


Feeling overworked, underpaid, bored, and uninspired at a job that you hate?  


...Okay, maybe you don’t hate it.


 But do you find yourself being anxious or energetically drained by the idea of going to work each day before you even step foot out of bed?


Do you wish you could use your creative gifts to live a more fulfilling life?

If you answered YES to any of these things then keep listening, because I want to help you









Get Ready To JOYrney & D.R.E.A.M.

A 90 minute masterclass for women and entrepreneurs who want a roadmap to feel: less overwhelmed/overworked, more connected to their dreams/goals, and with a solid game-plan to create a life of FREEDOM in JOY!  


You'll walk away from JOYrney to D.R.E.A.M.s with:

  • Tools to assess what’s keeping you from living a life that feels good in a every area of your life 

  • Permission and Confidence to set BOUNDARIES with yourself (because that’s necessary sometimes!) and other people that keep you distracted from living aligned with your JOY

  • Clarity about how to craft a vision that produces an unapologetically JOY-led life grounded in purpose – ultimately improving your relationships, career, wellness, and even finances!

Image by Rana Sawalha

You'll benefit from this masterclass no matter where you are in life, and even if you’re unsure of what your purpose is

Whether you’re a college grad trying to find work, a stay-at-home mom looking to rediscover yourself (and establish an identity outside of your kids), or if you’re at a point where you’re switching career paths, and ready to enter retirement.

This sounds like what I need, I'd like to join!!


JOYrney to Purpose™ was started in Fall of 2019 when multi-passionate creative Erica Lasan had an idea around combining her passions of creating a vision boards, hosting events, and speaking with people about living out their dreams and goals.  Less than 4 short months later the world was dealing with the unexpected devastation of COVID-19.Many people needed JOY, but were unable to find it in hard times. 


With working moms finding it difficult to manage work-life balance, unemployment rates at an all-time high, and surging death tolls – Lasan saw her calling in Faith & JOY as an opportunity to help others find theirs.  

Leveraging experiences gained from years: working (at home) while parenting, freelancing, and taking skills acquired from time spent in a number of creative industries,  Lasan began designing signature learning programs to help women and entrepreneurs establish joy-led routines anchored in purpose.  From stay-at-home parents to small business owners, Lasan offers transformative programs and resources that inspire people to create lives that they love; while equipping them with the confidence to believe that their purpose is worth pursuing – no matter what life throws at them.

Good to know, sign me up!

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Turn Your Creativity, Skills, and Experiences Into A Vision-led Life That You LOVE!

The JOYrney To D.R.E.A.M. Masterclass will only be available at the time listed below. Don't miss this training, and opportunity to connect with JOY!.

What Clients & Students Have To Say...

Take inventory of your life’s experiences

Reconnect with your JOY

REDISCOVER your dreams and make them happen!

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