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You’re a multi-tasking BAWSE!  


You juggle a lot, and take great pride in your work ethic and the ability to get things done.  But the reason you wear multiple hats isn't because you want to, it’s because you feel like you have to.  You’re not a “control freak,” you just like to set yourself up for the best – but you’re also likely to be equally prepared for the worst… at all times.  You want to be grounded in the present so you can take a breathe and fully enjoy where you are in life, but you constantly find your mind skipping ahead and worrying about things outside of your control.  

To Charge Your Gem You Need: Purpose-led Peace.

By now you're probably thinking, "okay, what the heck is a #JOYGem anyway?"  The answer is simple:  #JOYGems have been developed as part of the JOYrney To Purpose™  framework to describe the unique perspective, mindset, or abilities that allow you to radiate JOY into the world.  Your #JOYGem is the thing that makes you shine brightest among others around you via your specialized form of genius (in this season)!  But knowing your JOY Gem type is just the beginning of the JOYrney...

Your #JOYGem’s Strengths:

  • “Multi-tasking” - You can handle a lot in your place… right up until you can’t.  You juggle a lot, and take great pride in your work ethic and your ability to get things done.  To put it frankly, you’re a bit of a BAWSE

  • You’re a high achiever, and you expect those around you to achieve great greatness (or at least strive for it) as well.  Because you have great expectations of yourself and others you’re always looking to optimize your experiences.  This helps you push the people in your life to set goals and better understand their potential.

  • You're detail-oriented - you love the idea of perfection because it helps you feel like things are in-line and under control.  Odds are you love a good to-do list, and you get a high level of satisfaction when you look back at your daily plans and see that everything has been crossed off (or at least close to it).

  • You can predict the future… or at least think far enough ahead where you can take agency and make moves to create your desired outcomes. The ability to plan well is one of your greatest assets and a huge part of what makes you so successful.  The trick in this season is to keep your “plans for perfection” from driving you into overwhelm or inaction.

  • You’re a WILD Card-  You have an alter-ego that not many people know exist, and are the silent-secret life of the party.  When you let loose you unleash this side of yourself it helps others get to know you (and love you) a hundred times more than they already did!

In this season you need to TRUST that you are well supported and taken care of.  Share your ongoing thoughts with others, and implement JOY-led systems and strategies to help you unwind while keeping anxiety at bay. 



But First,

Allow me to introduce myself...

 Hi!  I'm Erica Lasan and I help women and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, overworked, and "over it" – create space to prioritize themselves and get organized so they can find more JOY, purpose, and healing in what's next!  

A lot of people believe that success and prosperity comes strictly from hard work. But what if you could create a life that you love by following your JOY and  embracing more play? (Trust me, it's possible!)

Success isn't about the money you make, the titles you wear – though, I wish you much prosperity and abundance – success is about feeling good, fulfilled, and at peace with your life.  

I'm committed to helping you find FREEDOM in your purpose so you can live out your WILDEST DREAMS (and change the world!) through RADICAL JOY.  

Let's keep in touch!

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Charge Your JOY By...

  • Expressing vulnerability – You have high standards, and you like things done to your standards.  The reason you wear multiple hats isn't because you want to, it’s because you feel like you have to. Explicitly communicating with others what your expectations are (with love and patience) can help strengthen your relationships and get you better results when working with others

  • Prioritizing rest & relaxation - You want to have all the answers here and NOW, and you rarely take breaks so your mind is rarely at rest.  Taking moments for self-care can help you maintain your productivity while also activating your wellness by helping you unwind  

  • Finding the sunny-side - Considering the state of the world and the constant "what ifs" of life can be crippling to your day-to-day activities.  Trying to consider the positive side of things when they don’t go your way can help you release anxiety and frustration that may inhibit you from living fully in the present.

  • Asking For Help - You’d just love to have a moment where you could just let your mind be still and at peace – while trusting that the world won’t fall apart if you let someone else steer the ship on this ever-changing voyage we call life. You are deeply loved and highly favored, trust that you’re supported in this season.


Subscribe and listen to the JOYrney To Purpose™ podcast.  I've highlighted one episode below to get you started.  Each week I also share tangible #JOYGems (think of them as tiny reminders and mantras) to support you in achieving your JOY-led vision and dreams.

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Wellness Beyond The ‘Gram

(with Guest: Autumn Colon)

Yayyyyy!!!!  You can get started with The JOY Quest!  This this self-paced, guided program has been developed to help you rediscover yourself (and your JOY) within less than an hour.  But don't worry, you can move at the pace that works best for you. 

This program is for you, if you:

  • Have trouble prioritizing self-care and reclaiming space/time for yourself

  • Need help slowing down and releasing anxious thoughts

  • If you generally want to feel more JOY and freedom... but you're unsure of what that even looks like

Between the videos, worksheets, and prompts given throughout this program – you'll have a roadmap for developing JOY-led habits and routines, so you can access JOY ...ONE feel-good thing at a time! 

Ready or not, here I come!  Surprise, your JOYrney is already starting!  Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days.  I'll be sharing more curated resources, podcast episodes, and tools to help you zen out and stay in “woosah”- mode as you conquer the world ...with less stress and more JOY!


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