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You’re a superstar, and everyone knows it.  


You’re talented and have a lot of great experiences, skills, and interests to share so people often find you fascinating – but you don’t feel ready, prepared, or qualified enough to “make your mark”.  Because of this, sometimes you have trouble tapping into the full potential of your brilliance. What you need to maximize your JOY in this season (and expand into the supernova that you are!) is guidance in building your confidence and proving to yourself what everyone already knows: you’ve got the juice, you just have to let it loose!

To Charge Your Gem You Need: Clarity with Confidence.

By now you're probably thinking, "okay, what the heck is a #JOYGem anyway?"  The answer is simple:  #JOYGems have been developed as part of the JOYrney To Purpose™  framework to describe the unique perspective, mindset, or abilities that allow you to radiate JOY into the world.  Your #JOYGem is the thing that makes you shine brightest among others around you via your specialized form of genius (in this season)!  But knowing your JOY Gem type is just the beginning of the JOYrney...

Your #JOYGem’s Strengths:

  • You’re talented and have a lot of great experiences, skills, and interests to share so people often find you fascinating – but because you have yet to make your “big mark” you often feel that you don’t have much to offer.

  • You’re a unicorn!  This #JOYGem dances beautifully between the creative and logistical mind.  Because of this marriage of creativity and logic you have tons of really great ideas/thoughts (so you’re an idea magnet!).

  • You’re seen as a leader and value the opinions of your peers – but you’re ready to step out and do something new and exciting that may surprise yourself (and a few others!)

  • You're a wonderful motivator - you find immense JOY in encouraging others to pursue their goals. Because of this, you easily inspire greatness in many of the people that you meet. 

  • You’re dependable - and the person that everyone can call on to listen, give a word of encouragement, and insightful thoughts (and plans!) to “kick things into gear”.  Now’s the time to leverage your powers, by being on the receiving end of the love and light you bring to others.

In this season you could use more accountability, aligned support, and a loving push towards committing to your goals

(even when things feel scary, hard, or unfamiliar).



But First,

Allow me to introduce myself...

 Hi!  I'm Erica Lasan and I help women and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, overworked, and "over it" – create space to prioritize themselves and get organized so they can find more JOY, purpose, and healing in what's next!  

A lot of people believe that success and prosperity comes strictly from hard work. But what if you could create a life that you love by following your JOY and  embracing more play? (Trust me, it's possible!)

Success isn't about the money you make, the titles you wear – though, I wish you much prosperity and abundance – success is about feeling good, fulfilled, and at peace with your life.  

I'm committed to helping you find FREEDOM in your purpose so you can live out your WILDEST DREAMS (and change the world!) through RADICAL JOY.  

Let's keep in touch!

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Charge Your JOY By...

  • Follow through:  while you have a lot of great ideas, many of them don’t make it past the ideation phase. You can afford to put your unicorn mind to work and act on your beautiful thoughts (and great ideas) more often 

  • Considering the “best case” scenario - You like to err on the side of reliability and what’s tried-and-true.  You have so much value to offer with your ideas, but because you’re not sure if they’re good enough, you sometimes question whether they’ll work and you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment.  

  • Share your vision - You like to keep things close to your chest until you’re sure there’s guaranteed success.  Because of this you tend to keep your ideas to yourself and rarely get your projects off the ground (or at least to a point of completion where you feel good enough to share them with others). 

  • Welcome Accountability - What you could really use is a community of driven goal-getters) to hold you to your vision of purpose-led success, while also rooting you on throughout the process!


Subscribe and listen to the JOYrney To Purpose™ podcast.  I've highlighted one episode below to get you started.  Each week I also share tangible #JOYGems (think of them as tiny reminders and mantras) to support you in achieving your JOY-led vision and dreams.

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Yayyyyy!!!!  You can get started with The JOY Quest!  This this self-paced, guided program has been developed to help you rediscover yourself (and your JOY) within less than an hour.  But don't worry, you can move at the pace that works best for you.

This program is for you, if you:

  • Are seeking clarity and confidence in following through with your personal goals

  • Find yourself unfulfilled and bored at your current job

  • Want steady accountability so you can stop talking about things you want (so you can start intentionally pursuing them with consistency)

Between the videos, worksheets, and prompts given throughout this program – you'll have a roadmap for developing JOY-led habits and routines, so you can access JOY ...ONE feel-good thing at a time! 

Make sure you also keep an eye on your inbox.  I’ll be sending over more more information about the stability gem type, along with curated resources to help you level-up your confidence and connect with the Vibe-Tribe of your dreams! 


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