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You’re a highly creative and intelligent individual, but at times your genius can be hard to follow and duplicate… sometimes even for yourself!  What you need to maximize your JOY (and take your creative juices to the next level – and the bank!) is little more structure and organization in your processes.

To Charge Your Gem You Need: Organized Origins.

By now you're probably thinking, "okay, what the heck is a #JOYGem anyway?"  The answer is simple:  #JOYGems have been developed as part of the JOYrney To Purpose™  framework to describe the unique perspective, mindset, or abilities that allow you to radiate JOY into the world.  Your #JOYGem is the thing that makes you shine brightest among others around you via your specialized form of genius (in this season)!  But knowing your JOY Gem type is just the beginning of the JOYrney...

In this season you need to play-up your strengths, and find creative ways to incorporate seeds of JOY into your work habits.

Your #JOYGem’s Strengths:

  • You're SUPER creative, and you find that you’re able to get things done; but you’re also aware that if you had more organization and structure in your life you’d probably be able to: master more, execute projects more efficiently, and make more solidly-aligned plans for your future without stressing out.

  • You’re hard working and see a lot of possibilities to make your dreams come true

  • You’re highly expressive, and a pretty good communicator; creating things is more than a luxury for you, it’s a manner of self-care and your way of contributing to society 

  • You're great at creative problem solving - a quick thinker, you can often find solutions to problems that arise.  Because of this skill you’re also pretty good at figuring things out overtime that you don’t understand

  • You're highly adaptable -  Being pretty flexible, you welcome challenges (when they occur) as an opportunity to learn new things about the world and yourself



But First,

Allow me to introduce myself...

 Hi!  I'm Erica Lasan and I help women and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, overworked, and "over it" – create space to prioritize themselves and get organized so they can find more JOY, purpose, and healing in what's next!  

A lot of people believe that success and prosperity comes strictly from hard work. But what if you could create a life that you love by following your JOY and  embracing more play? (Trust me, it's possible!)

Success isn't about the money you make, the titles you wear – though, I wish you much prosperity and abundance – success is about feeling good, fulfilled, and at peace with your life.  

I'm committed to helping you find FREEDOM in your purpose so you can live out your WILDEST DREAMS (and change the world!) through RADICAL JOY.  

Let's keep in touch!

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Charge Your JOY By...

  • Slowing down to building strategically around big-picture goals - Organization can be such a bore – and getting organized feels like a total chore.  But secretly, what you desire most is the peace that having order brings (especially in your professional life).  

  • Planning for success -  You don’t like feeling controlled or like you’re being put in a box (so you hate the constraints of "having to plan"), but somehow you can’t help but feel that if you were able to implement an organized system or think 3-4 steps ahead (to prioritize a little better) your life would be a lot easier to manage all around. 

  • Focusing your message, systems, goals - Because you’re so creative you’d like to explain what you do and market your skills/services (whatever they may be) without sounding like you’re all over the place – and without burning yourself out from trying to do all the things, all the time.


Subscribe and listen to the JOYrney To Purpose™ podcast.  I've highlighted one episode below to get you started.  Each week I also share tangible #JOYGems (think of them as tiny reminders and mantras) to support you in achieving your JOY-led vision and dreams.

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Decluttering Mind, Body, and Home 

(w/ Guest Rebekah Bashorun)

Yayyyyy!!!!  You can get started with The JOY Quest!  This this self-paced, guided program has been developed to help you rediscover yourself (and your JOY) within less than an hour.  But don't worry, you can move at the pace that works best for you.

This program is for you, if you:

  • Are seeking clarity and confidence in following through with your personal goals

  • Need help developing manageable systems to stay organized

  • Want steady accountability so you can stop talking about things you want (and you can start intentionally pursuing them with consistency)

Between the videos, worksheets, and prompts given throughout this experience – you'll leave this program with a roadmap for developing JOY-led habits and routines, so you can access JOY ...ONE feel-good thing at a time! 

Quick, go check your inbox! I’ll be sending over curated resources (and a list of curated podcast episodes) to align your creativity with efficiency, productivity, and FUN.


With these things in mind (and aligned!) there’s no telling how high you’ll soar!


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