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You're Taking Control, Experiencing Pivots, and  Making Money-Moves.

The winds of change are blowing in your direction, and you're looking to make your next move your best one yet! 


If there was a checklist for all of life’s “to do’s” you’ve conquered them all.  Now you’re in a season where you’re ready to chart your own path based on what feels most aligned for YOU and your version of FREEDOM.  The problem: while you’re aware of the skills and experience you possess, you’re not sure of how to make them work for you in this new season. 

To Charge Your Gem You Need: Aligned-Abundance.

By now you're probably thinking, "okay, what the heck is a #JOYGem anyway?"  The answer is simple:  #JOYGems have been developed as part of the JOYrney To Purpose™  framework to describe the unique perspective, mindset, or abilities that allow you to radiate JOY into the world.  Your #JOYGem is the thing that makes you shine brightest among others around you via your specialized form of genius (in this season)!  But knowing your JOY Gem type is just the beginning of the JOYrney...

Your #JOYGem’s Strengths:

  • You like a good “to-do” list -  You've spent a good chunk of your life doing what was asked of you and expected of you by others. 

  • You’re confident in who you are -  You are also aware of some gifts and talents that you possess, and you want to unleash the power to use them in what's next.  

  • Good Habits -  Where some people may find habits to be restrictive, you find them freeing.  You tend to thrive in spaces and environments where structure and routine are expected or required.  And because of your lived experience and expertise, you are also really great at supporting others in building good habits for themselves.

  • You’re responsible - You know how to manage your time and your resources pretty well.   The goal here is to figure out how you want to allocate them in order to optimize your JOY in this season. 

  • You open to go with the flow - You’re not sure where the JOYrney will lead, but the future seems bright and the possibilities seem endless and ripe with promise!

In this stage of your JOYrney what you need is educated insight, guidance, and tangible steps towards your dream/goals (whatever they may be).



But First,

Allow me to introduce myself...

 Hi!  I'm Erica Lasan and I help women and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, overworked, and "over it" – create space to prioritize themselves and get organized so they can find more JOY, purpose, and healing in what's next!  

A lot of people believe that success and prosperity comes strictly from hard work. But what if you could create a life that you love by following your JOY and  embracing more play? (Trust me, it's possible!)

Success isn't about the money you make, the titles you wear – though, I wish you much prosperity and abundance – success is about feeling good, fulfilled, and at peace with your life.  

I'm committed to helping you find FREEDOM in your purpose so you can live out your WILDEST DREAMS (and change the world!) through RADICAL JOY.  

Let's keep in touch!

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Charge Your JOY By...

  • Leaning into change - while you’re aware of the skills and experience you possess, you’re not sure of how to make them work for you in this new season.

  • Expanding your friend circle - this season is all about unlearning and relearning so that you can embrace life with a fresh perspective.  It’s time for new friends!  Surround yourself with a diverse network that can help expand your perspective in the various areas of your life, during this part of your JOYrney!

  • Embrace the learning curve -  You’re probably used to being the “smartest/wisest person in the room”.  Take this season as an opportunity to learn from others and refresh your perspective on well… everything!  Let others speak, listen, and ask tons of questions – you may be surprised by the conversations that come up!

  • Transferring skills -  Unlearning to relearn. Maybe you’re looking to start a new business, pivot in your career, or perhaps even go back to school to see if you can transfer some of your skills and hobbies to serve others in a new way. 

  • Discovering what feels-good for you -  and learning to trust your gut and go with your instincts… follow your JOY, and see where it leads!


Subscribe and listen to the JOYrney To Purpose™ podcast.  I've highlighted one episode below to get you started.  Each week I also share tangible #JOYGems (think of them as tiny reminders and mantras) to support you in achieving your JOY-led vision and dreams.

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Coming To America

(with Guest: Remi Duyile)

Yayyyyy!!!!  You can get started with The JOY Quest!  This this self-paced, guided program has been developed to help you rediscover yourself (and your JOY) within less than an hour.  But don't worry, you can move at the pace that works best for you. 

This program is for you, if you:

  • If you desire to incorporate more play in your day!

  • Would like accountability and guidance in making aligned steps in deciding how to move forward 

  • If you generally want to stop into more JOY and freedom... but you're unsure of what that even looks like

Between the videos, worksheets, and prompts given throughout this program – you'll have a roadmap for developing JOY-led habits and routines, so you can access JOY ...ONE feel-good thing at a time! 

Psssst: The party is getting started in your inbox!  I'll be sending over some more curated resources (like additional podcast episodes!) to get you thinking outside-the-box and dreaming BIG about what's next.  So keep an eye out!


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