Feeling stuck, lost, pressured to live up to expectations that others have set for you, or like your life is on autopilot – but you want more?  Sounds like it's time for you to take a (JOY)rney to Purpose™ Start real living – doing less of what you "have to do," and more of what you want to do TODAY. 
Trust me, I get it.  As a multi-passionate creative I spent years trying to discover my calling, only to learn that JOY was they key to it all!  While I loved engaging with creativity (in a variety of forms), I was most passionate about leveraging my visionary skills and positive vibes to creatively guide others into their purpose. So now as an Alignment Strategist (and Creative Consultant), I get to help individuals and entrepreneurs in transitional phases navigate their way to "what's next"  by finding JOY through purpose – and mapping out steps to get them there!

(JOY)rney to Purpose

Navigate Your Way to "What's Next" In 3 Steps:

(1) Journey To Joy  (2)  Propel Your Purpose (3)  Activate Accountability

STEP 1: Journey to Joy

 The JOY QUEST - For those feeling lost, depressed, hopeless, stuck, uninspired, or wondering how to move towards your goals and dreams, The Joy Quest is for you. This guide is step one in interacting with your (JOY)rney to purpose. By engaging with the questions, worksheets, and videos found within this guide you will lay the groundwork to building a habit of intentionally living in joy each day.  This also puts you on the path of discovering your passions, and initiating the VISION for your purposed life moving forward. 

STEP 2: Propel Your Purpose

  Vision Casting: Living in Purpose, ON Purpose - This intensive 4-week workshop only takes place 4 times a year.  The workshop is intended to build on discoveries made through your Joy Quest. In this time, we will activate these new joy-filled habits and transform them into purpose that is prompted in every aspect of your life: your career, your health/wellness, your network, and how you engage with your relationships.  This way you embody your joy through purpose 24/7, 365.  Participants set grounded goals, and create a beautiful vision board to use as a tool in holding themselves accountable to the vision set. This tool and its vision are what will ground the actions of participants for the duration of the year, and the rest their purpose-propelled lives!

STEP 3: Activate Accountability

 The #LiveRichMovement - Accountability is the key!  It's a beautiful thing to discover your joy through purpose, but it takes action and accountability to keep the vision moving forward! At this point, participants can be considered to join the LRM Membership group or work with me in a 1:1 capacity.  The LRM membership is an invite-only group that includes: access to a private online community with exclusive content, weekly LIVE accountability calls, monthly member meet-ups, group challenges, and other exclusive perks.

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