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Clarity of  Vision,  Storytelling Strategies, and Alignment

Hi, my name is Erica Lasan.

Life's transitional phases can be outright WEIRD: leaving high school, graduating college to enter the workforce, shifting into parenthood, and easing into retirement.  With each of these moments there's a question of "what's next?"  The simple answer is: whatever YOU want!  I want everyone to live out their dreams-- doing less of what they "have to" do, and more of what they want to do.  As an Alignment & Empowerment Strategist, I help people envision the possibilities of what their happiest, healthiest, purpose-filled life could look like; and then I strategize steps to get them there. ...Yup, I'm basically a Vision-Pusher!

Much of the work I produce is centered around womanhood, parenthood, faith, entrepreneurship, and purpose.  My overall mission is to have a world where we are able to access freedom in joy by openly sharing our stories. Recognizing that in sharing our truth, we can erase the boundaries that create  judgement.  My hope is that this work will ultimately allow for open communication and conversations that create true healing and real change-- for this generation, and generations to come.

Whether it's taking a random idea and laying out a full business plan, developing content, establishing your brand, managing life as a parent, personal styling (and more!) -- with my assistance you are sure to get the ball moving in a fun, motivating, and engaging way.  

What does your happiest, healthiest, purpose-filled life look like? Not sure? Click HERE to take my Happiness Challenge and get started!


Daylene, Lipstick And Dreams

Erica is an awesome visionary with a penchant for realistic and profitable ideas. Her vibrant energy is contagious and will completely rub off on you! Hearing the excitement in her voice while she talked through her ideas for my business, totally got me energized and ready to take off. She will definitely be one of the first people I reach out to when I am in need of new and fresh ideas for my businesses.

Nicole, Baby K'tan

Erica was stellar to work with each and every time we put a campaign together. She created amazing content, imagery and videos that were authentic to the story we were telling while also staying true to her personal brand. She works hard, produces quality work, and is a collaborator in every sense of the word. As someone who was working on the brand side of the campaign, it was a pleasure to work with Erica from beginning to end.

Ann, Quiet Oasis Massage

Erica has a special ability to create enthusiasm to create the life you strive for.