New Decade, "New Normal," New Stresses, And New Messes ...

It's Time For A
JOYrney To Purpose

What if you had clarity in your purpose and the calling on your life? What if you were able to engage in all of your life relationships with love, patience, and understanding?  What if you were able to spend your days doing less of what you “have to do,” and more of what you want to do?  NOW is the time to live fully in your JOY! 

JOYrney to Purpose

JOYrney To Purpose  is specifically designed to put you on path for a life of FREEDOM in your purpose — so you can live joyfully AND passionately in all areas of your life:  your family, your career, and the community at large.   

Get a tailored strategy and step-by-step process for turning your pain, past experiences, and current struggles into JOY that fuels your everyday living and puts you on track for your purpose.


Navigate Your Way to "What's Next" In 3 Steps:


Journey To Joy


Activate Accountability

Welcome Friend, 

I'm Erica Lasan!

Alignment Strategist aka Your JOY Jockey!

I help women in transitional phases of life (schooling, parenting, and their careers) ride the wave to "what's next," by doing less of what they "have to do" and more of what they WANT to do.  With this they are able to tap into the powers of their true calling and live in JOY. 

My hope is that you’ll join me and my community, The Live Rich Movement, as we ride the wave of this beautiful masterpiece called life! Subscribe so you don't miss any updates!

As a multi-passionate creative I spent years working in a number of industry's trying to discover my calling, only to learn that JOY was they key to it all!  So now as an Alignment Strategist (and Creative Consultant), I get to help others rediscover themselves in purpose and joy!


I call the process a #JOYrneyToPurpose


Deciding What To Do Next Is Even Harder...

  • Should you put your passions on the shelf and go to college to study what your parents want you to? 

  • When you leave college do you really want to get a job in the industry that you majored in? 

  • You’re about to become a mom, does that mean you have to give up your life and put your dreams on hold? 

  • Your job is draining your energy and your spirit, is it time to move on?

  • You’ve worked at the same place for decades, and now that you’re ready to retire – what are you supposed to do with all your newfound free time?

One decision can change everything  – so how do you determine what will truly make you happy moving forward?

By engaging with the questions, worksheets, and videos found within this digital workbook you will lay the groundwork to building a habit of intentionally living in joy each day to develop a 30-day habit.  This also puts you on the path of discovering your passions, and initiating the VISION for your purposed life moving forward. 
Vision Casting Workshop.jpg

Cool, I'm Grounded In JOY!

But How Do I Apply That To Discovering My Purpose?

More importantly, how can I manifest that joy and incorporate it into the the places work, situations, and relationships that I frequent most... especially those that test my patience, and trigger me most? 

The answer is in casting your vision.  Write it down and make it plain!

This intensive 6-week workshop only takes place a couple times a year.  The program is intended to build on discoveries made through your Joy Quest. In this time, we will activate these new joy-filled habits and transform them into purpose that is prompted in every aspect of your life: your career, your health/wellness, your network, and how you engage with your relationships.  This way you embody your joy through purpose 24/7, 365. 


Participants set grounded goals, and create a beautiful vision board to use as a tool in holding themselves accountable to the vision set. This tool and its vision are what will ground the actions of participants for the duration of the year, and the rest their purpose-propelled lives!

Accountability Is Key! 


If you're wondering what happens next... you keep going! It's a beautiful thing to discover your joy through purpose, but it takes action and accountability to keep the vision moving forward! Enter our Richster Family – a body of Faith-Fueled Purpose-Propelled accountability partners!


So join our Facebook group to keep up with all of the community updates in real-time: product launches, events, fun videos, and other joy-filled gems along the way.

In the meantime, our podcast (also named after our community and our motto) is also available for your listening pleasure!  In our inaugural season we are highlighting all aspects of life with some phenomenal black entrepreneurial moms!  #LiveRichMommy!

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